Autoclave machine,
Drager Fabius Anaesthesia machine,
Trans Esophaeal echocardiography,
Baxter ABG machine, and
Siemen's ventilators

Marquette monitors,
Flash Autoclave


The Operation Theatre

 The ACAT1 Arrow IABP System for circulatory support in haemodynamically compromised hearts

Sarns Heart Lung Machine with a Cincinnati Haemotherm in the foreground

Cath Lab


Step Down ITU
Cardiac Ambulance – Donated by the Rotary Club

Inside the Ambulance                                          The Ambulance

This Air-conditioned Ambulance is an “ICU on wheels” with facilities like:

1) A doctor on board
2) Two trained ICU nurses
3) Ventilator and Intubation facilities
4) Pulsoximeter
5) Defibrillator
6) Drugs and other essentials

It reaches the destination within 30 minutes of a call and the ICU care of the patient begins from the moment of “First Patient Contact” .

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